ELICOS Compliance / ELICOS Standards 2018

Setting up a new ELICOS school?

Compliance with ASQA and TEQSA expectations is essential! ELICOS Consulting has a fully compliant bank of policies and procedures that your school will need to become successfully registered.

Support for an established ELICOS school?

Make sure you are fully compliant for your next ASQA audit – ELICOS Consulting can do an in-house audit to ensure your policies and procedures meet all the ELICOS and National Code Standards.

ELICOS school policies and procedures are based on two government regulatory documents:

The National Code 2018

The main section of The National Code is Part B, which includes eleven standards of compliance:

Standard 1 - Marketing information and practices 
Standard 2 - Recruitment of an overseas student 
Standard 3 - Formalisation of enrolment and written agreements 
Standard 4 - Education agents 
Standard 5 - Younger overseas students 
Standard 6 - Overseas student support services 
Standard 7 - Overseas student transfers 
Standard 8 - Overseas student visa requirements 
Standard 9 - Deferring, suspending or cancelling the overseas student’s enrolment 
Standard 10 - Complaints and appeals 
Standard 11 - Additional registration requirements 
ELICOS Standards 2018

These standards are an adjunct to The National Code. The National Code covers both the VET and ELICOS sectors, whereas these Standards are designed to cover ELICOS aspects that are not specifically addressed in the National Code.

Standard C1 - Mandatory requirements for course applications 
Standard P1 - Scheduled course contact hours 
Standard P2 - Needs of younger ELICOS students 
Standard P3 - Teaching ELICOS 
Standard P4 - Assessment of ELICOS students 
Standard P5 - ELICOS educational resources 
Standard P6 - ELICOS specialist staff 
Standard P7 - ELICOS premises 
Standard P8 - Business management